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Mommy2box, LLC focuses on Moms who are pregnant, miscarried and/or postpartum. Childbearing is an exciting time for any Mom. This excitement may also include mental imbalances that are out of a Mother's control.

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Tips for Mental Health Awareness

Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety is a serious mental health issue that is often over-looked and/or not cared for properly. The moment a Mother or someone around her notices something different, that is the time to act.

Being there. Thats really all it takes. You don’t have to understand her thinking or even try to make sense of it. Just being there for her can make a tremendous difference.

As a Mom, the fear of mental uncertaintity can be very scary and confusing. Remember to reach out to a safe zone. A safe zone may be a spouse, partner, family member or outside help. Also, note your thoughts often to keep track of your progress or triggers.

If you are someone who is around a Mother, be mindeful of your part in her life and how you can make a difference in the smallest way. The role of a spouse, partner or family member is often taken for granted when a Mother may need it most.